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J&K Grameen Bank Loan Scheme for Development of Real Estate Loan Application Form


To accord need based finance for development of Real Estate as detailed below:

  • i. For construction of Commercial Complexes, Banquet Halls/ Restaurants/ Hotels along with Furniture/Fixtures/Furnishing.
  • ii. For construction of complexes for Educational Institutions by Individuals, Institutions, Societies including for purchase of furniture, Fixture, Furnishing, library books and computers.


  • 1. Any individual/Proprietorship Firm/Partnership Firm/Company with financially sound means shall be eligible for loan under the scheme. The intending borrower/s must be having sufficient business experience/standing in the line. The intending borrower/s must possess sufficient assets to pay the bank loan out of other sources in case of any unseen set back to the business for which the finance is made. The prospective loanee should be a permanent resident of J&K State.
  • 2. For construction of complexes for Educational Institutions, the academic institution must be registered with higher education Deptt./ Directorate of School Education of the State/ Division with due affiliation with the concerned university/ Board of the respective region. In case the institution is run by some trust/ society, the same should be registered with the concerned authorities with defined by-laws. The proposal must be submitted with definite plan and copy of resolution passed by the authorized members of the trust/ society. The by-laws must contain a clear cut clause regarding raising of loans by the trust/ society through some authorized member and there must be defined provision for mortgaging of any or all property belonging to the trust/ society to secure the loan. The proposal must be accompanied with proper resolution from the authorized body of the trust/ society.

Quantum of Loan:

Maximum of Rs.100.00 lakh.


40% margin stipulation shall apply.


  • i. Hypothecation of all movable assets.
  • ii. Mortgage of proposed Hotel/ Restaurant/ Banquet Hall/ Academic Complex/ Commercial Complex along with land underneath and appurtenant thereto as Primary Security.
  • iii. Third party guarantee of two persons of sound financial net means or personal guarantee of trustees/ members of society in case of trusts/ societies acceptable to the Bank good for the loan amount, as collateral security.

Processing Charges:

0.50% of the Loan Amount

* Conditions Apply