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J&K Grameen Bank (JKGB), was established on 30th June 2009 after amalgamation of two erstwhile RRBs viz. JRB and KRB in accordance with GOI Notification dated 30th June 2009 issued under sub- section (1) of section 23A of the RRB Act, 1976 (21 of 1976). The area of operation of the bank is extended to 11 Districts, besides some parts of District Srinagar and Ganderbal of J&K State.The network of the Bank consist of Six Regional Offices and 217 branches and is engaged in providing credit in various districts of J&K .The authorized capital of the Bank is Rs.2000 Crores (200 Crore shares of Rs 10/- each as on 31.03.2016. The paid up share capital of the Bank is Rs. 97.16 Crores (971.60 Lakh shares of Rs. 10/- each)".



  • 1. Increasing outreach by opening more branches in unbanked areas.
  • 2. Making further headway toward micro finance and financial inclusion.
  • 3. Remittance from abroad through Western Union Money Transfer services.
  • 4. Dedicated services for overall development of people of J&K.


The tree is representative of a typical rural ambience. A large tree is considered as focal point of socio - economic development in a village under the shade of which all important decisions related to the development of village are taken.

The tree also signifies a symbol of providing shade, shelter, nutrition etc. to all without any discrimination. It is an all en-compassing, benign and towering existence that the symbol portrays to depict.