About Us

J&K Grameen Bank (JKGB), established on 30th June 2009 under sub-section (1) of Section 23-A of the RRB Act, 1976 (21 of 1976) and functioning in 11 Districts in the Union Territory (UT) of Jammu & Kashmir and 2 Districts in UT of Ladakh.

The network of the Bank consists of Six Regional Offices and 217 branches i.e. 213 branches in the UT of Jammu & Kashmir and 4 branches in the UT of Ladakh, which are engaged in providing all kind of financial services in both the Union Territories.

The Authorized Capital of the Bank is ₹2000 Crores (200 Crore shares of ₹10/- each). The Paid-up Share Capital of the Bank is ₹ 97.16 Crores (971.60 Lakh shares of ₹10/- each).


  • Increasing outreach by opening more branches in unbanked areas.
  • Making further headway toward micro finance and financial inclusion.
  • Remittance from abroad through Western Union Money Transfer services.
  • Dedicated services for overall development of people of J&K.


The tree is representative of a typical rural ambience. A large tree is considered as focal point of socio - economic development in a village under the shade of which all important decisions related to the development of village are taken.

The tree also signifies a symbol of providing shade, shelter, nutrition etc. to all without any discrimination. It is an all en-compassing, benign and towering existence that the symbol portrays to depict.