UPI & USSD 2.0 (*99#)


Unified Payments Interface (UPI) is a system that powers multiple bank accounts into a single mobile application (of any participating bank), merging several banking features, seamless fund routing & merchant payments into one hood. It also caters to the “Peer to Peer” collect request which can be scheduled and paid as per requirement and convenience.

Conceptualized as a mobile application based solution primarily catering to internet compatible phones ( smart-phone users) , UPI is now available for non-internet based mobile devices ( smartphone as well as basic phones ) in the form of dialing option (*99# ) and is known as USSD 2.0.

*99# service has been launched to take the banking services to every common man across the country. Banking customers can avail this service by dialing *99#, a “Common number across all Telecom Service Providers (TSPs)” on their mobile phone and transact through an interactive menu displayed on the mobile screen. Key services offered under *99# service include, Sending and Receiving interbank account to account funds, balance enquiry, setting / changing UPI PIN besides host of other services.

How UPI is unique?

  • Immediate money transfer through mobile device round the clock 24*7 and 365 days.
  • Single mobile application for accessing different bank accounts.
  • Virtual address of the customer for Pull & Push provides for incremental security with the customer not required to enter the details such as Card no, Account number; IFSC etc.
  • Best answer to Cash on Delivery hassle, running to an ATM or rendering exact amount.
  • Utility Bill Payments, Over the Counter Payments, Barcode (Scan and Pay) based payments.
  • Raising Complaint from Mobile App directly.

How USSD-2.0 is unique?

  • Uses USSD as the access channel that works across all GSM handsets (smartphone or otherwise)making it reach the last mile user
  • Supports menu-based applications that is easy to maneuver for the users
  • Does not require data connectivity (works on signaling channel) that makes it high availability service
  • Round the clock availability (works even on holidays)
  • Accessible through a common code *99# across all GSM Operators and mobile handsets
  • Additional channel for using BHIM app and key catalyst for financial inclusion

Pre-requisites for customers to register for UPI

  • The customer should have the same Mobile No. registered with the bank through which he/she wants to register for UPI.
  • The Mobile Number of the customer should not be registered with multiple Customer IDs.
  • The customer account should have a valid and active Debit Card linked to it.
  • The account name should be same as Customer name. i.e. name in ACM and CUMM should be same.
  • The mode of operation should be SLF,SLFE or ERS
  • The facility is available to pre-paid as well as post-paid mobile subscribers.

Registration in UPI enabled application

Steps for Registration:

  • User downloads the UPI application from the App Store
  • User creates his/her profile by entering details like name, virtual id (payment address), password etc.
  • User goes to “Add/Link/Manage Bank Account” option and links the bank and account number with the virtual id

 Generating UPI – PIN:

  • User selects the bank account from which he/she wants to initiate the transaction
  • User receives OTP from the Issuer bank on his/her registered mobile number
  • User now enters last 6 digits of Debit card number and expiry date
  • User enters OTP and enters his preferred numeric UPI PIN( UPI PIN that he would like to set) and clicks on Submit
  • After clicking submit, customer gets notification (successful or decline)

Performing a UPI Transaction:

A. PUSH – sending money using virtual address

  • User logs in to UPI application
  • After successful login, user selects the option of Send Money/Payment
  • User enters beneficiary’s/Payee virtual id, amount and selects account to be debited
  • User gets confirmation screen to review the payment details and clicks on Confirm
  • User now enters UPI PIN
  • User gets successful or failure message

B. PULL – Requesting money:

  • User logs in to his bank’s UPI application
  • After successful login, user selects the option of collect money (request for payment)
  • User enters remitters/payers virtual id, amount and account to be credited
  • User gets confirmation screen to review the payment details and clicks on confirm
  • The payer will get the notification on his mobile for request money
  • Payer now clicks on the notification and opens his banks UPI app where he reviews payment request
  • Payer then decides to click on accept or decline
  • In case of accept payment, payer will enter UPI PIN to authorize the transaction
  • Transaction complete, payer gets successful or decline transaction notification
  • Payee/requester gets notification and SMS from bank for credit of his bank account


A. Financial Transactions: UPI supports the following financial transactions viz.

Pay Request: A Pay Request is a transaction where the initiating customer is pushing funds to the intended beneficiary. Payment Addresses include Mobile Number & MMID, Account Number & IFSC and Virtual ID

Collect Request: A Collect Request is a transaction where the customer is pulling funds from the intended remitter by using Virtual ID.

B. Non-Financial Transactions: UPI support following types of non-financial transactions on any PSP App viz.

  • Set/Change PIN
  • Check Transaction Status
  • Raise Dispute/Raise query

UPI can be accessed on all platforms viz. Android / iOS – The Apps have been developed by members on Android 4.2.2 and above/iOS 8.1 and above platforms.

Maximum limit on transactions

For BHIM UPI: A user can send upto Rs 40,000 per transaction and a maximum of Rs 40,000 per day for one bank account.

For other UPI apps: The daily upper limit under UPI facility per Customer is Rs.1,00,000/- per day for aggregate of fund transfers and the number of transactions is 10 per day. The monthly limit is Rs.6,00,000.

The upper limit on *99# is Rs. 5000 per transaction.



However, TSP may charge the customer for using *99# service. Please contact your Telecom Service Provider to know the exact charges for using *99# service.

Support Services

For any information/enquiries/disputes, please contact Help desk at 1800-572-9964(Toll-Free) or 7051510170, 7051510173 or mail on [email protected].