Quick Response Payment with Sound Box


QR-Quick Response (Scan & Pay) is a digital payment acceptance channel displayed at the merchant establishment to facilitate receipt of payments by scanning the QR Code from any UPI linked mobile app.

Customer can use bank or payment apps to scan the QR code. Once the scanning is done, it recognizes the customer's details automatically. The amount to be paid is entered and you can make the payment.

QR code payments can be used for a wide range of applications such as retail shops, restaurants, street vendors, small to medium businesses, parking, travel booking, petrol/diesel pumps etc.

JKGB mswipe QR comes with the Sound box which is not just a QR code scanner, but also provides a voice payment confirmation for every transaction done using QR code. In addition to the soundbox facility, the Mswipe Merchant App enables you to monitor all activities on your terminals, get transaction reports, view your account information and a whole lot more.

Mswipe Soundbox Features :

·         Display alert - View the amount received.

·         Supports English & Hindi - Change language on-the-fly.

·         Works with any UPI App - UPI payments are compatible with Mswipe Soundbox.

·         Instant sound alert - Hear the confirmation of the amount received with our UPI payment sound box.