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Saving Deposit Scheme

A savings account is a deposit account held at a retail bank that pays interest These accounts let customers set aside a portion of their liquid assets while earning a monetary return.



  • Resident Individuals (sole or joint account)
  • Hindu Undivided Families.
  • Minors above the age of 10 years are eligible to open self-operated minor account and an ATM/Debit card can be issued to the Minor.


  • Debit Card issued with ATM withdrawal limit of Rs 0.40 lac /day & PoS transaction limit of Rs .40 lacs/day.
  • M-banking facility.
  • Interest is calculated on the daily product basis and compounded quarterly.
  • Nomination facility available.
  • Minimum AMB of Rs. 500/- for General SB A/C without Cheque Book facility.
  • Minimum AMB of Rs. 1000/- for General SB A/C with Cheque Book facility.


  • Application Form duly filled in.
  • Photograph of depositor/s (2 copies)
  • Officially Valid Documents as per KYC Norms
  • PAN Card or Form 60 or 61
  • Any other related document applicable to Minors, etc.


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