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Small SB Account (SB Ujala Account)

Transactions limit:

Min. Initial deposit: A minimum deposit of Rs.50/- shall be maintained.
Withdrawal: Maximum total withdrawal should not exceed Rs.10,000/- in a Month and Maximum three withdrawals in a month (Total thirty Withdrawals in a F.Y.).
Maximum Balance: Rs.50,000/-
Maximum Credit: Maximum credit transaction in the account should not exceed Rs.1,00,000/- in financial year.

Other features:

a. Whenever max balance in any of the Small Accounts reaches Rs 40,000/- or total credits in a financial year reaches Rs 80,000/-, an alert will get generated which will be mailed automatically to every corresponding business unit which shall notify the account holder and advise him to submit necessary documents required for ensuring compliance of full KYC norms if not on record.
b. Whenever max balance in any of the Small Account exceeds Rs 50,000/- or total credits in the account exceeds Rs 1, 00,000/- in a year, a freeze alert will get generated and all those accounts will be frozen.