Fraud Awareness

Beware of Fraudsters! Do Not Install Untrusted Apps.

At JK Grameen Bank, we put a lot of emphasis on the security of our customers’ accounts. Please read this note carefully as this talks about a fraud that you may get exposed to if you aren’t aware of it.

The Cyber Security & IT Examination Cell has issued an alert about a new method that the fraudsters use to defraud genuine customers while they make their online payments.

Fraudulent transactions using the UPI platform have been increasing in recent times. Now, fraudsters have opted for a new method, through which they can easily take remote access of a victim's mobile device and carry out transactions. This means that they would have access to your mobile device in case you are caught in the fraud trap. Here is how they do it:

Step 1: The fraudsters lure victims, on some pretext, to download an app called 'AnyDesk' from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. It may be noted that, there are other apps similar to 'AnyDesk' that help provide remote access of your device to other users.

Step 2:The app code (9-digit number) would be generated on the victim's device which the fraudster would ask the victim to share.

Step 3: The fraudster inserts this app code (9-digit number) on his device. Then, he asks the victim to grant certain permissions which are similar to that required for installing other apps.

Step 4: Post this, fraudsters gain access to victim's device.

Step 5: Further the mobile app credentials are taken from the customer over the phone to carry out transactions through the mobile app already installed on the customer's device.

This method can be used to carry out transactions through any Mobile Banking and Payment related apps (including UPI, wallets, etc.)

To stay safe, never share any code, PIN, OTP or any other password with anyone over phone or any other means of communication. JK Grameen Bank will never ask you for these details.