Easy Finance to Traders/Small Businessman


To provide working capital term loan finance to small traders/ businessmen/ vendors, etc.


1. Existing Traders/ Small Businessmen/ Vendors, etc.
2. Businessmen in existence for at least two years.
3. Should not be indebted to any financial institution/ bank for existing business activity.
4. Outlook for the sector/s in which the firms are involved should not be negative.
5. Borrowers' residence/ place of business establishment shall fall within the service area of the branch.

Amount of Loan:

Maximum: Rs.3, 00,000/- (Rupees Three Lacs only).


25% of the paid up stocks.


Initially Five (5) years from 1st disbursement subject to review after every two years.


1. Primary: Hypothecation of stocks existing as well fresh to be purchased & Book Debts.
2. Collateral: Up to Rs.1.00 Lac : NIL.
Above Rs.1.00 Lac: Third Party guarantee of two persons of sound financial net means.


60 Equated Monthly Installments starting one month after the date of 1st disbursement of loan.

Processing Charges:

0.25% of the loan amount. * Conditions Apply