2. Notifications
  • 2nd Extension of date of Joining under CRP RRB-VIII

    Reference is invited to Appointment Orders dated 24.02.2020 / 20.03.2020 / 26.03.2020 as the case may be, issued to candidates under IBPS CRP RRB-VIII for Joining on or before 20.04.2020 upto 11.00 AM which was extended upto 30.05.2020. In this connection it is intimated that due to coronavirus pandemic and lockdown in the entire country till 31.05.2020, it may be not possible for all the candidates to join on or before 30.05.2020 upto 11.00 AM. In view of the above, the date of joining of all aforesaid candidates who have joined as well as who have not joined till date is extended as on or before 15.06.2020 upto 11 AM.

    This is for information and necessary action of all the concerned.